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Students for Change Project (abridged report)

After developing rapport with the students and teaching the Grade 10 and Grade 11 class full-time the students knew me and knew I was available to help them if they wanted. I was often at school 45mins before the bell regardless of if I was doing math help, so students would see me come in and ask me questions. Some days, the students just wanted clarification on a couple of points while other days they would need my full attention. I learned to better manage my mornings and how I was helping students, so that the student could have time to practice the types of questions they were having trouble with and I would have time to plan and finalize handouts for the classes. In addition to some morning math help, I would also be in the Math Help Room at various lunch times.

Overall, I could not move the math help room to a completely student-driven model. Students became more motivated to find the answer themselves and would also ask other students for help. They became more autonomous and aware of their own knowledge by being asked to phrase their misunderstanding as a question. I also gained a lot of experience from this project. I learned to ask for what I needed from students, so the help could be mutually beneficial (they would get the help and I would learn to better manage my time between students and in the mornings). I think students will continue to use this resource throughout their time at Ridgemont.

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