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My Updated Philosophy of Teaching

As a teacher, I believe that I have changed and grown in this past 6 months in teaching. I would like to put student-centered and collaborative learning at the forefront of my Philosophy. As a teacher, differentiated learning is vital and mandatory to meet the majority of students and different types of learners. The collaborative design in lesson plan is a way to differentiate learning. This is the case because students can work in groups of similar ability or of mixed ability or completely randomized. This helps the teacher to tailor lessons to the students and layer in level 4+ questions for those who would like to push the boundaries. I would like to make the learning student centered by incorporating students feedback on activities. Feedback in itself comes in many forms:

  • Observations
  • Verbal
  • In-class discussion
  • AoL

By taking these into account I can better prepare students for an AoL and build competency for the Overall Expectations in the course. By engaging the students in different ways and, more importantly, in ways that they have expressed to be engaged a teacher reach students through their own student voice.

Thus far, this philosophy concentrates on students working for themselves and working together. i would like to brig in the peak levels of bloom’s taxonomy in my Assessments to reach students’ independent and creative side. Students are expected in AoL to analyze, evaluate, and create which will help them to reach a deep learning state.


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