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Reflection on 2018-2019 (My thoughts on education)

My working philosophy of teaching concentrates on student-centred learning. I would like to help students become more creative and independent people and learners. As a intermediate/senior teacher, I am helping students every day to become more independent and build vital skill for the ‘real-world.’ Will all of my student become “straight-A university graduates,” probably not, but that is not the goal. The goal is to help them move towards being more independent and curious about the world around them. I want to have students actively engaged in their learning and have opportunities to give me feedback so I know what topics they would like to learn more about. I apply this philosophy in this practicum by have more activities where students gives themselves and others feedback the majority of these are not AoL. The goal is to give students the choice and the methods to improve if they so wish. I also want to give them choices and options for the AoL projects because it gives them the time and place to investigate something that matters to them. This is not to say that the students stay in their comfort zone or only work on a small part of music, instead they are learning about various ideas and creating connections between them on their own.

Some goals for myself:

  • Think about making smaller and more bit sized approaches to varying ideas. I often underestimate the time an activity will take, due to the discussion and engagement I get from the students
  • Always come from a place of curiosity and understanding
  • Remember that students are creative and independent, they will challenge you with their insightful questions and comments

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