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Who is Music Education for? (HINT- Everyone)

Music education, and, in particular, classical music education, is often seen as something for those who have higher incomes, live in nicer neighbourhoods, and can start from a young age in an after-school program. In contrast to the norm, I believe that classical music education can reach further bounds than traditionally thought because it can reach people through sound. Music itself is part of many cultures around the world and my research in world music can help me bring this to the classroom. I believe that learning an instrument is an integral part of middle school and instruments are often available through a school’s music program; this is how I became involved in music. By simply going to school and attending my school music program, I changed the likely course of my life. My family puts extra-curricular and non-school activities as low-importance because getting an “standard” education is more important. To many, the arts do not seem like a path to a independent and self-sustaining adult.

As a teacher, I want to share music and give children an opportunity to learn a subject that is often seen as extra-curricular and of low importance. By learning an instrument, children learn that methodical repetition and practice can help then to achieve a goal which is an important skill regardless of the subject matter. In a global perspective, that encompasses both mathematics and music, what I hope to do in my classroom is inspire at least one student to follow their own path. I hope to show my students that anyone of any background can achieve what they want regardless of what is stacked against them.


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