Interest and Engagement


The ability to get students’, who are interested, engaged is easy. The difficult part is getting students engaged when they are not interested. This can be done through my learning about what they are interested in which is a part of the adaptive expert model. Understanding that a set of students do not enjoy sitting quietly, but rather discuss and be active participants in their learning can be used to the teacher’s advantage. I also notice that one’s view of a challenging class varies on past experience. One of the classes I teach is viewed as more difficult according to the teachers, but in my experience as a student, I have had much more challenging classes. In my CSL/Practicum, I hope to learn to be okay with  making mistakes and things not going perfectly, I also aim to find new ways to engage my students other the long-term, and, finally, I would like to bond with the students, since this is something I have found difficult being in the classroom once a week.

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