SmartMusic- a tool for differentiated learning and teaching


SmartMusic (  a tool that allows students to learn at their own pace wherever and whenever with immediate feedback. The student only needs a microphone which teachers can have available. This allows students to work alone as efficiently as working in groups or with teacher feedback. This benefits the teacher because they know that the student is getting good feedback at all times when playing.

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Using a microphone, students play a song displayed on the screen after a count in. The notes will light up green, if played correctly, or red, if played incorrectly. The red notes will also tell them whether they played the wrong note (displaying the note they played and the written one) or player the right note at the wrong time. All standard method books and much band music is available one this site. This allows students to move ahead in method books or learn new music if they would like to.

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Smartmusic is not free. There is a trial for educators to see if it will work for their classroom, but it is 40$/year which can add up over time. The microphone is separate, and the program for the students costs money as well. A way to avoid costs for the students, is to download the ‘classic’ program on a school computer or laptop, but this would limit the number of students who could use it at one time.

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