Urban? Based on Daniel “Reimagining the urban: A Canadian Perspective”

Urban is a concept that only exists in light of other concepts. Urban is not rural and it is not suburban and it is likely a centre of some kind. None of these ideas are concrete and specific, but the other two concepts, rural and suburban, have more clear pictures attached to them. For rural, one imagines a large house, maybe farm-like sized land away from a city centre and, for suburban, a place away from the centre, but still in the city where houses, streets, and people look and act the same. The suburban is a child centred neighbourhood since people move there to have families and the rural is often where people will go to retire. What does that leave for the urban? Urban can be a mix of everything and, as Daniel explains, often is different from what a teacher candidates predicts. In the media, the urban is seen as violent, poor, and may be referred to as “inner-city.” The idea “inner city” really only refers to the placement of the urban being within a city close to the middle if we are envisioning the city as a circular object. This placement alone may explain the vast differences between students that attend these schools. Some students may be closer to the city but still in suburbia and other may be in city housing within the city-center or, as Daniel explains, in a suburban area.. Both of these types would attend the same “urban school.” So where does that leave an urban student and who are they, really?

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