Music- Arts Assessment for Learning

In music, self assessment is not often used because of fear that the student will assume they are better than they are, but a recent Recorder Technique idea changed this. This is available through:


This resource gives a teacher the rubric, and any other materials that were used for this recorder Technique idea. The idea was to implement peer and self-assessment into learning the recorder that is guided through the rubric and other materials. The students ended up learning more that previously imagined. all of the specific documents to the project are available at the following link:


Yes! This is a specific project conducted in a specific class and does not claim to be indicative of other potential learning. It simply offers resources for those who wish to implement more AfL and AaL in the arts classroom.


This study is of course limited because it is only one specific instructor with a specific class. Though I believe it can be adapted and used as a model, there is no specific data regarding this.

black record vinyl
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