TeachHub-Assessment of Learning


This post is partially about the specific article linked (http://www.teachhub.com/classroom-management-6-authentic-assessment-tools ) as well as Teachhub.com . This specific post is about different ways to assess learning in the older terms (Formative, Diagnostic, summative). Summative being Assessment of Learning. The article concentrates on using classroom management for learning and often incorporate technology which is useful for a teacher.

word cloud.jpgTwo specific methods in this article for Assessment of Learning are Game Shows and Differentiation and within the post there are different links to external sites that can create them. An example of this is http://www.wordle.net/ for differentiation. This allows students to create word clouds as a method of demonstrating their learning (an example of this is on the left). This is great to have in one location for a teacher looking for creative assessment strategies.


This is a trustworthy site because it is made for teachers by teachers, so the options given will be tried and tested. However, it is limited by the ever-growing and changing internet since links can change quickly, so some links are broken. It is also geographically limited because some terminology is only used in certain  places and not in others.



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