Where do I belong?: A culture snapshot

The idea of “belonging” is one that young people face everyday. Some because of the borders they and their families have crossed to be a part of a Canadian Community while other because of the constant gravel with the self. School is hopefully a place where students can be who they would like to be and can act as a stepping stone to who they strive to be. The question “where do I belong” is very important to all young people, but bares significant importance to new students from other cultures and countries. For these students, belonging is important but language and custom barriers will make it difficult for them to belong in a new school community. What an educator needs to remember is that a student needs to be understood so they can belong regardless of the language or culture barriers. Educators need to be well versed in other cultures to understand that a different response to a cultural phenomenon (hand-shake, high-five, thumbs-up, etc) may be taken differently in other cultures.

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