CompMusic- Culturally Relevant teaching Resource


This source is often called CompMusic which stands for Computational Models for the Discovery of the World’s Music. Much musicological research concentrates on Western Music and popular music, however this is a relatively new online database that has recordings of world music from 5 different world traditions.

Compmusic photo 1


This database is called Dunya and contains the different music (available at ) and the teacher can access actual recordings from artists in the place of origin. The database is very user friendly, so the teacher only needs to click the link, then the style of music (all listed on the home page), then search a song.


It is trustworthy because the researchers themselves come from the different regions where the music comes from and many years have been put into building this database in a way that accurately represents the music itself.


The teacher must create a login and register with the dunya database. Much of the site does not use western music terminology and instead uses the terminology specific to the type of music. This teacher must be able to understand this to use the database.


All photos and information are taken from and my own experience using the database


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